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Scope Creep: What it is and how to avoid it when outsourcing

There are many benefits of outsourcing software development services, but scope creep can strike unsuspecting companies and turn a simple project into a nightmare. Luckily, it can be avoided with proper planning. This post will tell you what scope creep is, how it happens. and how to avoid it.

Scope creep refers to changes or additions made to a project after work begins. It occurs when a project is not clearly defined, documented, or controlled through regular contact. Poor outsourcing companies mislead you with low-cost quotes that Inflate when work begins. A good, reliable outsourcing company discusses all aspects of a project from start-to-finish in detail. Whilst initial costs may seem higher, they are vital to developing an accurate budget. 

For some outsourcing companies, scope creep is their goal – charging you for their time rather than the finished product. They want a large, time-consuming project to make the most money. If you find a company that sounds too good to be true, they probably are! To get an accurate quote, you need a company that goes into detail about all the aspects of your project, even ones you haven’t yet thought of.

The risks of bad project scope when outsourcing

A clear, well-managed project scope is key to successful outsourcing. Otherwise, cheap initial offers inevitably skyrocket after projects begin. Suddenly, work takes twice as long, and extra features that weren’t discussed are brought up as issues. Many companies rely on weaknesses in the defined scope to quote a low price. By not bringing up issues early on, they can charge more to fix them later. Halfway through the protect. they’ll show you an essential missing piece, and you’ll have to pay extra for them to implement It.

Let’s look at a software-specific example. The outsourcing company you’ve chosen quotes one month for a specialized e-commerce site, and you budget accordingly. After work begins, they mention extensive security features that are necessary for an e-commerce page – and they say one-month won’t work anymore. New features are continually added and the deadline is pushed back – again, and again, with no end in sight. Not only have you gone way over-budget, but you still don’t have anything to show for it. The first error here was not discussing these Issues initially and the second was accepting a low quote that was too good to be true.

How to avoid scope creep in software development services

When outsourcing, it’s crucial both parties are clear regarding project expectations to ensure accurate results and an on-going relationship. Make sure you find a company that is trustworthy and gives you detailed estimates, by asking relevant questions that prevent surprises. A thorough outsourcing company will tell you a project will take two months to complete when you were expecting one and then will explain why. It’s better to know this up-front than to find out once work has already started

The right questions to ask when you’re discussing a project for the first lime are ones that cover many eventualities. What happens it the project goes over budget? What if changes are needed in the future? What features haven’t been covered that might be necessary? Questions like this give you a well-defined scope and keep your budget realistic. Scopes designed by Venuiti are long, detailed and thorough, which Is what you should be looking for in a scope.

Advantages of outsourcing to a trusted software development team

A reliable outsourcing company will be detailed, with a reputation and business model built on satisfied clients who return for further work. A software development company needs to have efficient, solid coding. They need to utilize concepts like abstraction and encapsulation in their work to make the software easier to use, and ensure any future changes are done easily. When thinking about good and bad code, picture trying to build a tower. Poor code might be built with matchsticks and glue: which means for updates, it has to get taken apart completely and pieced back together as best it can be – hoping none of your matchsticks have broken in the process. This is known as hard coding. In contrast, good code is built with something like Lego bricks – this means pieces are easily added and amended, and sections can be changed without having to rework the entire project. In order to save on long-term costs, and avoid paying double for the work, you need a company that has good coding practices.

We would like to suggest Venuiti for your next venture. We’ve been working with a variety of North American companies lot over 16 years, and know how annoying scope creep is for all parties involved. Working with a trusted software development team means your deadlines are more likely to be met, budgets are easier to adhere to and you’ll end up with a robust product that meets your needs.

We’ve been successful for so long because of our honest approach, and accurate quotes that build long-lasting relationships, we break down large projects into smaller ones, setting milestones and benchmarks so we can judge the project throughout its duration and catch any oversights early on. Ultimately, a thorough discussion on the product you want, potential pitfalls, and realistic deadlines all help stop scope creep from affecting your project.

With any business relationship, your outsourcing company is your partner – not your enemy, and it helps to work with, not against each other. Based on our experiences at Venuiti, maintaining a well-communicated project ensures a healthy business relationship. Make sure you apply these tips in your next project and you’ll ensure a smooth and successful outcome.