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Outsourcing Your Project Right the First Time: How to Reap the Benefits of Outsourcing

When you’re outsourcing software development, you need to be confident the company you choose will get your project done right. Easier said than done. If you don’t do your research, you could find yourself unnecessarily stressed and end up regretting ever choosing to outsource. Do outsourcing well, and you tap into a goldmine of specialized resources that deliver high-quality products that are made more efficiently, saving you time and money. Below are five ways to ensure you reap the benefits of outsourcing.

1. Get a dedicated software development team for the duration of your project

When you’re researching who to trust as your outsourcing partner, look out for companies with high staff turnover rates. If you aren’t assigned a dedicated team to handle your project, this should be a warning sign your project could run into trouble. When other developers have to take over your project halfway through, you end up with a mess of code forced together as the result. A mismanaged team jeopardizes the longevity of your software as it will be more difficult to update in the future. It also increases the risk of your finished product being filled with glitches and bugs due to incoherent coding.

2. Ensure your outsourcing firm has specialists on hand

An outsourcing firm should have a handful of specialists with a broad range of resources and expertise on-hand. Development at each stage will be worked on by professionals utilizing years of experience that leads to an effective end-product. Conversely, outsourcing to an individual freelance developer means you can save money in the short-term but will end up paying more to fulfill each role as the project progresses: graphic designers, coders, developers, and so on.

Individual freelancers draw from their own experience when they work. This means mistakes can slip through when there isn’t another experienced person looking at the project. A development team containing specialists will draw on the collective experiences of the group, improving the end-product you receive.

3. Make sure your outsourcing partner can understand you

Proper communication can be difficult even between speakers native to the language. Ensure that you speak the same language as your partner to ease communication throughout the entirety of the project. But there is more to it than just speaking the same language. You need to understand each other and be on the same page to create a successful end-product, or things will quickly go wrong. For example, you say you want a product that speaks to its audience. They might interpret this as you wanting them to develop voice-activated software when you meant it figuratively in terms of an intuitive product. If you aren’t able to clearly communicate what you want from your project, you will be wasting time, and money trying to explain concepts.

4. Stay on schedule with nearshore developers

When outsourcing, finding a company in your timezone helps keep your project on track. If you outsource overseas, and the company says your project will be done ‘Thursday morning,’ the time difference might mean Thursday night for you. If your project is on a tight deadline, this can lead to huge problems. By outsourcing closer to home, you know both of you are working similar business hours and can stay on schedule by dealing with concerns quickly. Read more about this in our separate post on timezone issues.

5. Look for proven records of similar work

A good reputation is an outsourcing company’s strongest indicator that they’re reliable. Look at their previous work, and the type of clients they’ve had in the past. What size of projects are they used to working with relative to your needs? Do clients return to them for further work? These questions will make sure you find the right team for your project.

Remember these five points when you next decide to outsource. They will help make sure your next project is successful – it all boils down to doing your research and asking the outsourcing company relevant questions before you sign any contracts. If they don’t give you the answers you need, look elsewhere!

Venuiti has been working with a variety of clients for over 16 years, and we know the importance of outsourcing right.

With any business relationship, your outsourcing company is your partner – not your enemy, and it helps to work with, not against each other. Based on our experiences at Venuiti, maintaining a well-communicated project ensures a healthy business relationship. Make sure you apply these tips in your next project and you’ll ensure a smooth and successful outcome.